Annual Rental Program Release Form

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Annual Rental Program Release Form

                    CITY OF NEW CARROLLTON

                            DEPARTMENT OF CODE ENFORCEMENT

                                      6016 PRINCESS GARDEN PARKWAY 

                                       NEW CARROLLTON, MARYLAND 20784
                                                (301 ) 459-3771



I ,  the legal property owner(s) of the property at 

, New Carrollton, Maryland do herby wish to advise you that I am no longer renting the above listed property. for the reason listed below (please check one of the following):


 Owner resides in property referenced above

 Owner is renting property to immediate family member(s)

 Property has been sold - No longer the owner(s)


  Other (please specify) 


Upon signing and submitting this form, all incormation given above is correct. For any reason that the property owner listed above in renting the property and is not enrolled in the Annual Remtal Program, a fine will be given to the owner, plus the payment of the rental license.

Please read the following information: By signing this document, you are agreeing to utilize electronic signatures in lieu of using paper documents. You are not required to sign documents electronically. If you prefer not to do so, you may request to receive paper copies and withdraw your consent at any time.  However, the City of New Carrollton reserves the right to utilize an electronic signature at all times to execute documents on their behalf. 






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