Request for Proposals: RFP# FY2019-001

Renovation Design/Planning & Construction Management: Municipal Center Renovations

The City of New Carrollton is seeking proposals from experienced design/build development teams to provide renovation design, planning, structural engineering and construction management for interior renovations for a portion of the City’s Municipal Center. The RFP may be obtained from the City’s bid website (http://www.newcarrolltonmd.gov), in person from the City Administrative Officer, New Carrollton City Municipal Center, 6016 Princess Garden Parkway, New Carrollton, Maryland 20784 or from eMaryland Marketplace (https://emaryland.buyspeed.com),  after 9:00 a.m. on October 22, 2018.

Proposals will be received in the Office of the City Administrative Officer at New Carrollton City Hall, at the address noted above in a sealed envelope marked: “Renovation Design/Planning & Construction Management: Municipal Center Renovations” until 3:00 p.m. November 30, 2018 (this is a change from the original posted due date).  Please provide one original on double-sided paper one digital copy on a USB drive. Proposals shall be consistent with the scope of services contained in the Request for Proposals (RFP).  The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to reduce or modify the scope of services.

The City will hold a pre-bid conference on October 30, 2018 @ 9:30am in the City Municipal Center to discuss the project.  The pre-bid conference is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggested that interested vendors are to attend.  Please reply to tgeorge@newcarrolltonmd.gov if you plan on attending.

All questions or requests for clarification regarding this RFP must be received, in writing, via e-mail at tgeorge@newcarrolltonmd.gov by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 2, 2018. Answers will be posted to the City’s website no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

The City encourages all minority, women, and disadvantaged business owners to submit proposals.


 The City is seeking an experienced design/build development team to provide renovation design and project planning assistance, structural engineering assessments and construction management for interior renovations to a portion of the City’s Municipal Center.  The project proposal must also include the implementation of that design through renovation/construction.  The City is looking for a complete team to complete all aspects of the project from design through to final construction. 

The overall focus of this project is the renovation of the current Council Chambers, the addition of public restrooms and a new locker room for our police department.  Specific program elements are described below.

  1. Expansion of the Current Legislative Chamber Space.  One goal of the project is to expand the existing Legislative Council Chambers, depending on cost considerations.  The renovated chambers could be expanded in size by 1) moving the north wall into the main hallway; and/or, 2) relocating the restrooms and TV studio from the current room and building a new exterior wall to enclose the outdoor alcove. (see Exhibit 1)
  2. Reuse of the Workshop Room.  The workshop room will be converted into office space for Admin staff and potentially house the new TV studio.  The rear of the building will be used for storage and other overflow space.  This would include new walls, electrical and furnishings.
  3. New Public Restrooms.  The current rear hallway entrance to the multipurpose room will be relocated and the room “squared off” in the lobby to make room for new public restrooms.  The current thinking is a new ladies and mens rooms with three facilities in each.  (see Exhibit 2)
  4. Relocated “Warming” Kitchen. The current kitchen, which includes a gas stove, will be moved north in the room to make way for the new public restrooms.  The kitchen will continue to serve the County meals program. (see Exhibit 3)
  5. New Family Bathroom.  The current ladies room will be converted into a family bathroom with handicap/ADA access.
  6. New NCPD Locker Room.  The current public mens room will be converted into a locker room for the NCPD including showers.
  7. Relocation NCPD Security Wall/Door.  The current NCPD security wall/door will be moved down the hall to include of the Chief of Police’s office door and the mens room door thereby putting both inside the NCPD secure space.

Specific project tasks will include, and for which contractor is responsible:

  1. Design and Planning.  For the above described improvements the contractor will create designs, floor plans, and layouts, recommendations of furnishings, wall and floor covering, and any other elements of design encompassing the seven project areas described above and implementable program.
  2. Structural Engineering.  The selected team shall include a licensed structural engineer to assess the current Chamber space and the ability to expand the space by moving load- and non-load bearing walls.  Their analysis should include approximate costs for the project, and if authorized, construction drawings for the approved work.
  3. Project Costing.  For all elements of the project, the Team shall first provide a high-level estimate of project costs for consideration by the City.  Upon approval, specific and detailed cost estimates shall be generated for the City for final approval by Council of the project work.
  4. Construction Management.  The selected team, working with the City Administrative Officer, will oversee the renovation construction of all aspects of the project approved by the City Administrative Officer.
  5. Construction.  It is the desire of the City that the team will include construction contractors as well.  Please indicate in your submission if you plan to use in-house or sub-contracted construction labor.

Bid Documents
New Carrollton MPR Renovations RFP.docx
RFP-FY2018-001 Addendum 1.docx - Information on the Pre-bid Conference
RFP-FY2018-001 Addendum 2.docx -  Floor Plans
RFP-FY2018-001 Addendum 3.pdf - Pre-bid Sign In Sheet
RFP-FY2018-001 Addendum 4.docx - Proposed Cost Bid Sheet
RFP-FY2018-001 Addendum 5.docx - Questions and Answers
RFP-FY2018-001 Addendum 6.docx - Building Walkthrough, Submission Extension and Selection Criteria

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