Can I pay my parking tickets by mail or by phone?

Yes! Personal Checks or Money Orders can be mailed to the police department for payment.

(Note: We do not accept Personal Checks when citations are flagged by the MVA.)

Make checks and money orders payable to the:


and mail the check or money order to:

New Carrollton City Police Department
6016 Princess Garden Parkway New Carrollton, MD 20784

Credit card payments can be made by phone by calling 1-866-894-2426

Whom do I contact if I have a question about how much I owe in parking fines?

Contact the New Carrollton City Police Department at 301-459-0142

My car or truck was impounded from a shopping center parking lot. Whom do I contact about getting it back?

Private property owners have the lawful right to remove vehicles from their property, which they feel have been abandoned, or violate their property management rules. Many apartment complexes and retail shopping centers within the City of New Carrollton employ the use of contract towing services to impound vehicles from their property.The police department does not regulate these types of "private impounds," and has no involvement in the release of vehicles impounded under these circumstances.

If you think your vehicle was towed from private property, you should contact the property owner or management company to inquire which towing company has possession of your vehicle.

(In most cases, the property will be posted with signs indicating the name of the authorized towing service and their telephone number.)

If you are unable to locate the property owner or their agent, you can call the New Carrollton City Police Department, and we will assist you in determining which company towed your vehicle and why.

Note:If you think your vehicle was towed from the "Shoppes at New Carrollton" shopping center, located at the corner of Annapolis Road & Riverdale Road, call SLT Towing & Recovery at 240-304-6108for retrieval details. The "Shoppes at New Carrollton" shopping center is easily identified by its "big box" retail stores such as, "Lowe's," "Shoppers Food Warehouse," and "Foodway."

Can I do major repair work on my vehicle while it is parked on the City Street?

The City's parking ordinances prohibits major vehicle repair, such as changing or repairing engines and transmissions, brakes and lube jobs.

Where can I pay my parking tickets?

Parking tickets are paid at the New Carrollton City Municipal Center - 6016 Princess Garden Parkway - New Carrollton, MD 20784

Hours are Monday - Friday, from 8:30am to 5pm

How do I dispute a parking citation?

Anyone receiving a parking citation has the lawful right to request a trial in the District Court of Maryland, where a judge will hear your case and decide your guilt or innocence.

To request to stand trial, you must enter your name and address on the citation in the space provided, and return it to the New Carrollton City Police Department within 10 Calendar Days from the issuance of the ticket.

Failure to request a trial date within the 10 day period, will constitute a waiver of your right to a hearing. Once your request has been received by the police department, it will be forwarded to the District Court, and will be set in for trial. You will be notified by mail of the date, time and location of the court house. Due to the extreme caseload of the court, you may not receive a court notice for several months.

There is an abandoned vehicle parked on my street. What can I do about it?

You can report it to the New Carrollton City Police Department at 301-459-0142. Give the address where the vehicle is located. Also give a full description of the vehicle (make and model) and include the license plate number. Let us know how long the vehicle has been at the location. We would also like your name and phone number so that the officer who responds to your call can contact you if needed. Your name and phone number is confidential and is not given out. Anonymous complaints are also accepted.

Please note that some abandoned vehicle violations are handled by the city's Department of Code Enforcement, however all violations can be reported to the listed phone number.

How long may my vehicle be parked on the city street without moving?

Vehicles may not be continuously parked over 48 hours.

Whom do I contact to receive a Residential Parking Permit?

The Police Department issues City of New Carrollton Residential Parking Permits. Call 301-459-0142 for additional information.

How do I get the official "flagging release" receipt?

The police department uses a third party company to collect online payments. That company notifies us when "flagged" payments have been made, and in turn, we send a copy of the flagging release paperwork to the registered owner of the vehicle upon request.

If you need a release sooner (to renew your tags immediately), simply call us at (301) 459-0142 and we can fax the flagging release to the Department of Motor Vehicles flagging unit.

How can I contest this citation?

You can request to stand trial in District Court by completing the form on the reverse side of your citation, and mailing it to the police department no less than five (5) days prior to the due date. You will then be notified of a court date by mail from the District Court of Maryland. 

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